I Miss You

Hi Blog,

I’m updating from school. Practice kami ngayon para sa music namin eh.

Hay, buhay. Hindi ko alam pero bigla nalang siyang pumasok sa isip ko. Ewan ah. 

Yung first llove ko nung highschool ko. Miss na miss ko na. Naging M.U. baya kami, alam mo ba blog? 

Nice diba? M.U. kami for 11 months lang… Grabe ang saya ko nun, kaso siya rin ang “nakipag-hiwalay” sa akin. 

Anyway, wala. Naaalala ko lang. 

Sige blog, sa susunod ulit. 




About itsmeelladee

Ella is not my real name and I don't plan on posting my real one. I'm a simple girl who wants to be heard. Tired of being ignored and being mistreated, I created this blog to vent out. If you don't like what I post, leave my blog. This will be my diary of sorts. I have a twitter account, a wattpad account, a facebook, a tumblr, and a formspring. I love the colors green, black, yellow, and purple. I love music, (Secondhand Serenade, those types) dancing and acting. I love candy and chocolates. Love has made me cold and unfeeling on the outside. Well, that's it. Thanks for visiting. :)

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