Expectations and Reality

Akala ko pa naman may chance ako ulit sa kanya. Yun pala, umasa lang naman ako. Ang sakit pala e no? Ang sakit mag-expect lalo na kung puso mo ang nakataya.


Hayyysss…. #EmoMode



About itsmeelladee

Ella is not my real name and I don't plan on posting my real one. I'm a simple girl who wants to be heard. Tired of being ignored and being mistreated, I created this blog to vent out. If you don't like what I post, leave my blog. This will be my diary of sorts. I have a twitter account, a wattpad account, a facebook, a tumblr, and a formspring. I love the colors green, black, yellow, and purple. I love music, (Secondhand Serenade, those types) dancing and acting. I love candy and chocolates. Love has made me cold and unfeeling on the outside. Well, that's it. Thanks for visiting. :)

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