Just a short background…

I think it was around the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010 when we came up with this idea to give Dara a “magazine” full of articles, photos, features, fan-accounts about her and of course 2NE1. We mobilized ourselves and distributed different parts of the magazine to different Daralings. We had so many plans and so much content that our heads were bursting with it. Then I dunno what happened but the fire died down a little and we found  ourselves buying other gifts instead for Dara. But of course, little by little,  Daralings began submitting their stories, features, etc and we decided to compile it. 

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About itsmeelladee

Ella is not my real name and I don't plan on posting my real one. I'm a simple girl who wants to be heard. Tired of being ignored and being mistreated, I created this blog to vent out. If you don't like what I post, leave my blog. This will be my diary of sorts. I have a twitter account, a wattpad account, a facebook, a tumblr, and a formspring. I love the colors green, black, yellow, and purple. I love music, (Secondhand Serenade, those types) dancing and acting. I love candy and chocolates. Love has made me cold and unfeeling on the outside. Well, that's it. Thanks for visiting. :)

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